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For more than nine years, Omida Sea And Air S.A. has been providing comprehensive Door to Door services.

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Flexitank. Liquid cargo transport - export, import

For more than nine years, Omida Sea And Air S.A. has been providing comprehensive Door to Door services of liquid cargo transport in Flexitanks, both for export and import. The solutions we offer our clients are tailored, depending on the cargo requirements and the client’s needs.

Flexitank services include:

  • verification of empty containers at the terminal,
  • assembling a Flexitank in a container,
  • transport of the container with the Flexitank to the place of loading,
  • supervision while loading the cargo into the Flexitank and an inspection company report,
  • transport of the container and its cargo to the port,
  • freight to the destination port.

The transport of goods in a flexitank is considered to be one of the cheapest and most effective solutions that facilitate the transport of liquid chemicals and liquid food cargo. We individually negotiate freight rates and free-of-charge days in the destination port for our clients.

What is Flexitank?

We call Flexitank a bag made of special material which is highly resistant to damage, used to transport neutral liquid cargo in 20’DV containers, in both inland and sea transport. It offers the opportunity to transport 18,000 to 26,000 liters of liquid cargo. Due to its properties, loading a Flexitank is very similar to loading a tanker. This facilitates the transport of many liquid goods.

What is Flexitank? | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

What can be transported in a Flexitank?

Flexitanks are perfect for transporting liquid products which are not classified as hazardous in road and sea transport. Flexitanks can transport chemical products like base oils, detergents, emulsions, paints, glycerine, herbicides, synthetic latex, lubricants, machine oils, liquid artificial fertilisers, paraffin wax, printing inks, as well as food products such as juice concentrates, drinks, plant oils, syrups and wines. Base oils are one of the cargos most frequently transported in Flexitanks as regards exports from Poland. Omida Sea And Air S.A. provides comprehensive transport services for the largest international concerns in the oil and lubricant sector. Our portfolio includes proven Flexitanks manufactured by renowned, global producers and are highly durable as well as resistant. They are widely accepted by shipowners and, most importantly, they enable safe transport.

What can be transported in a Flexitank? | Omida Sea And Air S.A.
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