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Air Transport

When time is important, we recommend the use of air freight. In our company, we make sure that the goods are delivered expressly.


Air Transport.
Choose from a wide range of air transport services

We recommend using air transport for high-value, fast-delivery or time-sensitive cargo. At Omida Sea And Air S.A. we make sure that the parcels are delivered expressly and safety.

When we choose Air Transport?

  • short delivery time
  • transportation of valuable goods
  • transport of perishable goods
  • import of goods requiring controlled temperature

We distinguish three types of air transport: economic, express and priority which we recommend at the time of fast delivery.

How to prepare for air transport?

To prepare a comprehensive offer in air transport in the case of neutral loads, we need to know: the number of packages, weight, dimensions and delivery time. In the case of DGR dangerous goods, we additionally require an MSDS document, and in the case of goods with controlled temperature, we provide an appropriate temperature range.

The most frequently transported goods include spare parts from the automotive industry, tires, clothing and perishable goods. We encourage you to combine transport with the e‑commerce sector, in which we provide a constant range of supplies between producers, companies and end recipients of the product.

How is the air transport process going?

We explain the various stages and places for imported goods from Asia to Europe. Find out how the export clearance, security control, and release of goods to the apron for a specific plane are carried out. We have cold stores and freezers available for goods that require low and very low temperatures.

We always choose air transport when we have little time to deliver the goods to the final recipient or the goods are perishable. As Omida Sea And Air S.A. we transport parcels to any place in the world and collect parcels from anywhere in the world. An extensive network of our agents allows us to deliver shipments from door to door.

Intermodal solutions

We provide intermodal solutions combining the speed of air transport with attractive ocean freight prices. Consignments are shipped from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Shenzhen seaports to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and then transported by plane to Frankfurt am Main.
Intermodal solutions | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

Widest range of cargo insurance

We offer the widest range of cargo insurance, ensuring protection of cargo along the entire route of transport, including loading, unloading and storage.
Widest range of cargo insurance | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

Why is it worth choosing air transport?

Modern solutions

We offer transport services on a door-to-door, door-airport, airport-door, or airport-airport basis.

Full service

We provide comprehensive service in airports around the world.

Extensive cooperation

We work with all major airlines.

Efficiency and speed of operation

As part of air transport, we offer efficient and fast customs service for export, import and transit of goods.


Frequently asked questions & answers

What documents are needed to order air transport?

The standard documents required for air transport are: a commercial invoice for the goods being shipped and a packing list containing basic details of the sender and recipient as well as information on the quantity, weight, dimensions and type of packaging. Sometimes additional documents are needed, for example in the case of transporting dangerous goods or goods subject to specific regulations. In addition, in some countries, recipients require a certificate of origin or other non-standard documents, so it is worth checking before shipment if the recipient has any specific requirements in this respect.

How long does air transport take?

What are the maximum dimensions and weight of cargo that can be transported by air?

Is it possible to transport cargo by air at a controlled temperature?

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