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Choose one of the sites for importing goods from Asia. Sea, air and rail transport China - Poland.

Forwarding services

Import Azja. Transport towarów w relacji Chiny - Polska

Learn about proven processes and service standards. We combine the possibilities of the New Silk Road - a railroad from China to Europe with sea and air transport.

Our services are aimed at companies importing all kinds of goods from Asia. The service includes: importing goods from China, warehousing, logistics processes and cooperation with a customs agency. Our agents guarantee the safety and service of transport processes on the territory of China and all Asian countries.

Learn about the supply chain phases

Complete freight processes support for China-Europe e‑commerce
1. Manufacturer in China or another country. Receipt of goods (LCL, FCL) | Ola Wasiewicz | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

1. Manufacturer in China or another country. Receipt of goods (LCL, FCL)

We have our own groupage service in China.

2. Sea/Air/Rail Transport  | Ola Wasiewicz | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

2. Sea/Air/Rail Transport

We combine sea, air and rail transport. Take advantage of intermodal transport.

3. Customs Agency | Ola Wasiewicz | Omida Sea And Air S.A.

3. Customs Agency

We have our own customs agency and we offer a full range of services provided for by the EU Customs Code.

Why is it worth it?

Pick-up facility

Possibility to pick up goods from a warehouse in China.

Simple solutions

We have solutions dedicated to various sectors of the economy (food industry, health, beauty, fashion, RTV / household appliances, children's products, toys, games, furniture).

Systematisation of deliveries

Systematization of deliveries of semi-finished and finished products.

Own Customs Agency

Expedited shipment of goods.

Own LTL service

Use our console in China.

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